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What's this Triple Fish about?

TRIPLE FISH COMPANY was founded in 1949 and from the very beginning Quality FISHING LINES were our focus. More than 60 people with many years of experience are working in 2 shifts. TRIPLE FISH lines are exported to more than 85 countries all over the world and are highly appreciated by anglers worldwide. CAPROLACTAN is the raw material, an oil-by-product, produced in refineries, cracking oil. At a temperature of 390 to 425 °F a speed of 175 yds/minute the melted CAPROLACTAM is extruded under high pressure through stainless steel jets. In order to stabilize the mono, it is runs through tanks filled with various liquids.

Tensile strength is the key to mono; therefore TRIPLE FISH uses various stretching stations to correct the molecular structure inside the mono. Thermo treatments in between make sure, that the abrasion resistance and the stretch factor are optimal for a high quality fishing line. Sophisticated electronic controls, manage the latest equipment in the industry. This computer based measuring device monitors continuously the minimum and maximum diameters, within millionths. Sports fishermen all over the world appreciate the quality of TRIPLE FISH, from ½ lb test to 600lb test.

All TRIPLE FISH products are under constant quality control. Production is not only checked for diameter, but also tensile strength and knot strength are tested on very sophisticated machines. Dozens of tests are run ensuring top quality products. Constant quality control insures the finest products for our customers.